Colombia and Venezuela – March-July 2006

Cockfight is a widely popular and legal sporting event in much of Latin America. The fight is usually held in an arena (gallera) with seats for spectators. There is always gambling involved in cockfights. People take advantage of cock's natural, strong will to fight against all males of the same species. Birds are specially bred to increase their aggression and stamina, they are given the best of food and care. The cocks are equipped with tortoise-shell made gaffs tied to the bird's leg. The fight is not intentionally to the death but it may result in the death of cocks very often because birds never stop fighting till they are dead.

I'm glad that he lived... But he shouldn't have been put in these circumstances! Why can't you just keep a chicken as a pet and treat it well??? God bless that chicken!


30.06.2015 – 19:50

You are right the industry chickens dont have it better at all.
Dont see that as a reason to make Cockfight legal.
It should always be illegal,next time it will be humans fighting like this in a big arena same like long time ago
(still happens these days in secret)
What i try to say is if you make murder look normal,it will be normal (thin line left)


14.11.2013 – 20:44

Now that's a big misconception people have about these Majestic battle cocks. This is what these animals do. Understand that one could let them grow together from chicks and by the time they are but a mere 6 wks. old they will start fighting to the death. sometimes even younger. One more thing, compared to the poor chickens we raise ,"if you dare call it raised" in a very confined area never even old enough to call them chickens only to get steamed alive to slaughter and consume, the Game Cock lives a life of lavished KINGHOOD and if a champion 2 or 3 time winner will live the rest of his life in what one might call extravagance.! Say something else. I dare you.


16.09.2013 – 13:16

Great pictures :) but i feel so sad for these animals this is very wrong to force animals to fight each other for money... :(


22.08.2013 – 09:03


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