Cité Soleil

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – July 2008

Cité Soleil (Sun City in English) is a shanty town located in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. Most of its 300.000 residents live in extreme poverty. Children and single mothers predominate in the population. Social and living conditions in the slum do not allow them to fulfill even the basic human needs. There is no running water, no sewers and no electricity. In spite of this fact, a rent must be payed even in all shacks made from rusty metal sheets. Infectious diseases are widely spread as garbage disposal does not exist in Cité Soleil. The average life expectancy in Cité Soleil is between 45-50 years.

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The picture is captivating and barely taken but the meaning and values are really touching. It shows more of' people's lack of discipline than the poverty we used to blame.

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19.11.2010 – 05:50

This is really an informative blog. Keep posting related blogs like this.


12.07.2010 – 05:32

Wow, I am amazed by the scope of your work, thank you for providing this. Life on planet earth...

Jacob Navarro

18.01.2010 – 01:54

I found your pictures while doing a search, and then came across this blog. You have brought public awareness to the world by sharing your photos. They certainly had an impact on myself.

Debra Carter

13.01.2010 – 01:27

Love your work. Really. Congrats from Buenos Aires. Argentina.


28.10.2009 – 22:40

Beautifull work big up, nice presentation too!!!


16.06.2009 – 14:33

great series


09.06.2009 – 01:53

I have been in Port au Prince in 2001 and in my opinion showing these pics is a good way to draw attention to the poverty of the people in cité soleil even if it's shown as art.


22.05.2009 – 20:21

Can I ask, what do you think is the impact of photography? how do these images help our understading of what is occuring in the world? and if so do you think they call people to act on what they see?I am a teacher of photography and digital media and I show photographs from photojournalists all the time to my mid school students; but they always fail to recognize the truth of those images and thus take em for granted.

Walter Cisneros

16.05.2009 – 10:33

i find it almost inhuman to comment only on the color or composition of photography with subjects like this.


30.04.2009 – 12:59

Wonderful work!I love the bright colours as well (such a big contrast with this world you show us)


01.04.2009 – 16:12