Monte de las Banderas

Havana, Cuba – 13 August 2008

In 2006 the US installed the giant electronic banner on the fifth floor of the U.S. Interest Section building in the centre of Havana and start to broadcast political propaganda, news, messages and statements. In return, the Cuban government erected so called “Monte de las Banderas” (Forest of Flags), 138 flagpoles in front of the building to prevent Cubans from seeing the scrolling letters. In July 2009 the US administration has confirmed the banner has been turned off.

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The forest of flagpoles erected in 2006 no longer exists and has been replaced by a structure made from concrete in the shape of the national flag of Cuba. Black flags that once flew on these flagpoles denoted the people who perished in the destruction of Cubana Flight 455 as well as other Cubans whom Fidel Castro called "victims of US-sponsored state terrorism." The Cubans are glad that the people who were behind the destruction of Cubana Flight 455 are dead, and even with Donald Trump in office, the Cuban government refused to stage any anti-American marches. The Jose Marti Anti-Imperialist Platform has been gradually demolished to make room for new office buildings.

Vahe David Demirjian

01.04.2021 – 18:05

Maybe the idea for this came from an old competition entry of mine from the seventies :

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