A girl having a bath

Dessalines, Port-au-Prince, Haiti – 17 July 2008

A young girl is having a bath in front of her parents house in a shanty town close to the Boulevard Dessalines. There is no running water in this part of the town, neither a bathroom is common here due to the extreme poverty. People use a single bucket of water and soap to have a wash, usually in public.

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perfectly said. It doesn't matter with regard to poverty as long as you are fulfilling you life's purpose which is happiness. Everything else just follows.

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01.03.2010 – 09:42

It’s not fair to judge them with that act. We simply have to understand the battles and hardship of life they going through.What matter’s most is that she’s happy, you can obviously see it in her eyes. At the end of the day, it’s what really counts.

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17.09.2009 – 06:16

memories... i lived in poor conditions when i was in africa and reading what you just wrote there reminded me of the past... yea we used to use a single backet of water and soap and that was it...


08.06.2009 – 00:33