Orphanage Bon Samaritain

Croix-Des-Bouques, Haiti – 8 July 2008

Many families in Haiti are economically not able to care of their children. Sometimes the parents simply let the children abandoned on the street and never come back. These babies usually end in an orphanage (if they are not refused because in Haiti all orphanages are generally overfull). Although children living in an orphanage may be lucky for having at least a bed, most of them suffer from hunger and have to share clothes with the other orphans.

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Hi,This a very sad story! I was just wondering...could I use one of your photos? I have entered a contest to volunteer overseas and would love to use this picture. If not, I understand.Thanks,Corinne

Corinne Anderson

04.03.2011 – 14:05

This is a sad picture and it is also one which has used lighting to convey different levels of meaning! The spots of lights I feel are the holes of hunger or the holes of their lives in general. The pathetic look on the face of the little boy is bound to melt any heart that sees it. So what do the ones who don’t get accepted into orphanages do? So this is why people prefer to adopt from these places?


11.02.2011 – 06:30

beautiful and all at the same time very sad photographs


09.06.2009 – 02:07

I've heard that the population in Haiti surpasses the caring capacity of the land. Is it true? The popular phrase in the US is... "Give a Man a Fish, Feed Him For a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, Feed Him For a Lifetime". However, what happens when a nation doesn't have the resources? (Not enough land to farm and not enough boats or fish to go fishing) The problem in Haiti doesn't seem to be so simple. Teachers would claim it's a lack of education. I don't think so. What will a degree do on the streets in Haiti? I'm interested in helping if I can but I'm not the type to throw money at a problem to appease my conscience. I'd like to discuss the best route for improving conditions in Haiti. If you would, please email me. Thanks


31.12.2008 – 09:36

Vaše stránky jsou úžasné, dekuji, že mohu pres Vás nakouknout i tam, kam bych se sama neodvážila. Prosím jen dál. Lenka

Lenka Ulcová

08.10.2008 – 17:50

very sad subject matter, poor child, but in your photo it looks as though God's light is shining down


28.09.2008 – 13:46

I just wanted to leave a comment saying how much I loved your photos. They are so moving and tell such a great story, every one of them! I'll be subscribing to your photoblog's feed right now. Thankyou for sharing.

Jylan Wynne

28.09.2008 – 13:21