Carnival in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba – July 2008

Carnival in Santiago is a large public celebration which is held - contrary to the other Latin American carnivals - in the summer. The carnival tradition dates back to the 17th century when the festival of Santiago (St. James) was mixed with street dancing parades of the Black African slaves. Nowadays comparsas, carnival groups of dancers and musicians, flow in the streets and perform popular music like salsa, rumba or reggaeton. In spite of the general lack of funds in Cuba (most of the festival costumes and floats are home-made) the Carnival is very lively and hot show with huge participation.

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These are so superb. The color, yet again, is amazing. The mood is so fun in these. It's definitely a different intake of Cuba. That last photo is my favorite. What a seductive expression.

Chasiti Moore

30.11.2009 – 21:31