Girls from Ciudad Bolívar

Bogota, Colombia – 25 August 2008

Young Colombian girls on the way home from school in Ciudad Bolívar, Bogota, Colombia. The area of Ciudad Bolívar, a shanty town in the southwestern part of Bogota, concentrates the poorest population of Colombia's capital city. A lot of its inhabitants are war fugitives violently displaced from their original rural lands by guerrilla or paramilitary forces, both involved in the Colombian armed conflict.

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I loved the clarity of the snap and the way in which you have described the whole concept of the war torn land and how they have hardly anything to survive upon. Now tell me if by looking at the snap we are able to realize this? The happiness on the children’s faces are bright and chirpy that it is a little difficult to understand the implications of the suggestion! More than enough to make any one livid!

11.02.2011 – 06:19

The two girls photo looks cute. They are so sweet. I really love to see awesome post like this. It makes me remember my childhood years.

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22.06.2010 – 21:42

I could never have been imagined these types of places. However even poverty can't stop these gals from smiling!

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