Palo Monte priest

Havana, Cuba – 19 August 2009

A Palo Monte priest, wearing a typical red and white bracelet, looks out of the window in Havana, Cuba. The Palo religion belongs to the large group of syncretic religions and rites (Santería, Vodou, Candomblé,…) develeoped in the Americas during the colonial period by black slaves from Africa.

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I would really have loved to see some voodoo rites in progress and also want to see how far the whole process is true. But this man looks so dignified and really has a an aura about him. And ht picture itself is very vivid and detailed. There is also something very intense and sharp about the look of the priest. It is interesting to know that such practices and priests are there even today.

11.02.2011 – 06:05

excellent image and the walls and the blue color add to the beauty of the image!

joshi daniel

14.05.2010 – 15:08