18th Street Gang (M-18)

San Salvador, El Salvador – May 2011

A former member of the 18th Street Gang (M-18) seen on his way to the church in San Salvador, El Salvador. (The whole photo essay about youth in El Salvador will come up shortly.)

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such a amazing look of photography. Will follow the mode in my own shoot.

Mac Jhon

06.06.2019 – 19:14

The first step is to leave the gang, the next step is to have the tattoo removed, which can be done, it's a painful procedure, but it's paramount, if you want to live a new live without always being reminded by the past.


04.11.2013 – 05:33

estos putos k se mueran todos


07.02.2012 – 18:05



03.02.2012 – 21:24

wow! what a amazing photography! u've done really gr8 job :)


28.12.2011 – 00:29