Tumaco, Colombia – June 2010

Colombian sawmill workers (Coteros) carry heavy timbers in a sawmill close to Tumaco, Nariño, Colombia.
The whole photostory about processing the rainforest wood will come up shortly.

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The whole scenery.. it has something mythical about it. The colors from the sunset really add to the atmosphere.

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17.05.2011 – 18:35

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01.05.2011 – 19:01

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01.05.2011 – 19:01

awesome picture! at first I thougt it is some sculpture, but then I read the description and realized those are two workers) unbelievable that nowadays, in the 21st century some people must carry such heavy timbers to earn their living. the picture itself looks so out of time!

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04.04.2011 – 07:57