Port-au-Prince, Haiti – summer 2008

Tap-tap vehicles serve as public transportation in Haiti. They are private, operate over fixed routes, departing only when full. Tap-taps are decorated with bright and shiny colors and with a lot of fancy designed elements. There are scenes from the Bible, Christian slogans, TV stars or famous football players often painted on a tap-tap body. Tap-tap name comes from sound of taps on the metal bus body signifying a passenger's request to be dropped off.



19.06.2013 – 02:13

great photos dude !!!

deck de madeira

12.08.2011 – 12:32

such beautiful colours painted onto the vehicles, yet not one of the subjects appears to be remotely happy or content on here, beautiful contrast

fat heads manchester

06.08.2009 – 00:09

Lovely series of a lovely colorfull thing in such a dark world. The buses remind me of public transportation in Samoa (South Pacific). Great job


16.06.2009 – 14:36


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