Havana Zoo

Havana, Cuba – 12 February 2011

The largest and the oldest zoo in Cuba (founded in 1939) is located in a centric neighborhood of the capital. Since the 1990s Cuba struggles with chronic economic crisis and therefore the strong marks of rundown and lack of sources are evident within the whole zoological garden. A lot of cages are empty and out of use for long time, the remaining animals are captured in poorly maintained pits. Concrete enclosures have no vegetation, all facilities are unkept. The food supply is often inadequate and visitors throw junkfood to the animals because there are no zookeepers around.

I visited Cuba a few years ago. These pictures capture the economic feeling of the country - so very different to the spirit of the people.


25.01.2015 – 16:49

Jan Sochor is really master photographer. Strangely, the ZOO photos are somehow much more depressing than images of violence and despair from the other collections like Columbia, etc. The impression of poverty and deprivation is very strong here.


07.11.2011 – 14:36

The monkey shot is absolutely superb! Some great work here.

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28.10.2011 – 06:46

awesome skill - stunning captures - master compositions = soul and spirit of Jan Sochor's Great Photography Art!Salute and Thanks!iva


08.07.2011 – 08:18

What an interesting place to photograph. Love the monkey shot - well captured!Nick

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05.07.2011 – 16:13


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