Inti Raymi

Pichincha province, Ecuador – June 2010

Inti Raymi, “Festival of the Sun” in Quechua language, is an ancient spiritual ceremony held in the Indian regions of the Andes, mainly in Ecuador and Peru. The lively celebration, set by the winter solstice, goes on for various days. The highland Indians, wearing beautiful costumes, dance, drink and sing with no rest. Colorful processions in honor of the God Inti (Sun) pass through the mountain villages giving thanks for the harvest and expressing their deep relation to the Mother Earth (Pachamama).

Beautiful pictures!

Nataraj Gandhi Arunachalam

07.06.2011 – 18:51

great shots...i know ..because i have photography in my course and its quite difficult to get shots that really make the viewer think and attract thier attention...and i like the fact that you limit the number of photographs to not more than 4 or 5. loved the dancing devil photo essay...inspiring stuff!


06.01.2011 – 12:40


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